C.R.E.A. Sanità manages a vast amount of statistical healthcare (and other) information in the Sanidata Numeri database. Every year, extensive statistics are extrapolated from the (hard copy) of the Tor Vergata Healthcare Report, which is constantly integrated and updated.

The resulting data can be consulted as statistical tables (subject to prior registration), based on a thematic index organised according to macro-areas.

Each individual datum analysed, and appropriately processed, is organised in monothematic tables that contain the information in table and graphic format, with an explanatory text for correctly interpreting the figures. This makes it possible to update the database on an on-going basis, ensuring a timely flow of information.

The authorised user can thus access the database and download the tables directly onto his/her computer, for use in his/her own analyses (crediting Crea Sanità, Tor Vergata University of Rome as the source).