HTA, Medical devices and diagnostic/treatment process

Lead specialist: Dr. Daniela d’Angela

In the field of health technology assessments (HTA), medical devices (MD) and diagnostic/treatment processes (DTP), C.R.E.A. Sanità has particular expertise in the following areas:

  • The preparation of HTA reports and adaptation of existing reports in function of the standard of core models and Rapid HTA developed by EuNeHta (the European Network of HTA), to provide input for regional and corporate healthcare decision-making, with a particular view to evaluating the impact of technology on the choice of health policy and corporate management; in particular, assessments of the actual or foreseen organisational, economic and health & safety impacts of introducing new medical devices (DM), procedures and organisational models.
  • The analysis of diagnostic and treatment processes and organisational processes implemented at national, regional and corporate level, with a view to assessing potential optimisation as well as finalising the introduction of new healthcare technologies (drugs, medical devices, etc.).