Healthcare policies

Lead specialist: Prof. Federico Spandonaro

The governance of such a complex system as healthcare requires on-going and in-depth analyses that are scientifically rigorous and independent. Such awareness lies at the heart of the research and consulting activities conducted by the C.R.E.A. Sanità team. We provide the detailed and relevant information regarding healthcare that will nourish reflection and debate, stimulate ideas and innovation which, in the interests of the individual and the organisation, can provide a basis to enable the healthcare sector to contribute to re-launching our country.

Each year since 2003, the team at the Tor Vergata University, which is now part of the C.R.E.A. Sanità Consortium, has produced the Healthcare Report, which sets out to provide elements for reflection on the performance and current trends in the social and healthcare sector in Italy, based on sound scientific evidence.

Over the years the structure of the Report has evolved into its current format, which features a number of variables, most of which are repeated each year:

  1. a statistical analysis of the context in which health and healthcare is developing;
  2. performance data (investment, funding and equity);
  3. breakdowns by each care sector (hospital, primary, residential, specialist, pharmaceutical, non-self-sufficient people);
  4. focus on industrial aspects;
  5. focus on a number of pathologies.

The annual paper report has, in supplement, the Sanidata Numeri database, which contains tables that can be accessed (subject to prior registration) using a thematic index by macro-area. Each single datum - analysed and appropriately processed - can be consulted in monothematic tables that contain the information in table or graphic format, together with an explanatory text for use in interpreting the data. This makes it possible to update the database on an on-going basis, ensuring a timely flow of information.

The authorised user can access the database and download the tables directly into his/her computer to use them directly in his/own analyses (crediting C.R.E.A. Sanità, Tor Vergata University of Rome as the source).

In 2013 C.R.E.A. Sanità launched a new project, Assessment of The Performance of the Regional Healthcare Systems, designed to develop a participatory method for measuring the annual performance of regional healthcare systems, by averaging the values that various stakeholders give to a number of result indicators. Each year, the results of this project are set out in an online report.