C.R.E.A. Sanità manages a vast amount of statistical and regulatory information, organised in two different databases:

Sanidata Numeri: contains a significant amount of statistical healthcare (and other) information, which is continually integrated and updated. Each single datum, analysed and suitably processed, is organised in monothematic tables that provide the information in table and graphic format, with an explanatory text to help in interpreting the figures. Access to the tables requires prior registration.

Sanidata Norme: contains information regarding national and regional regulations, with a view to improving knowledge about the 21 regional healthcare systems. This regulatory database provides a tool for companies operating in the healthcare sector that enables them to analysis aspects of the national and regional healthcare environment that might impact their business; for regulators, it provides a useful and well though-out tool for the regional benchmarking of key regulations; and for all of those interested in health, it provides a means of being constantly updated on regulatory developments without the need to have specific competences.